All About Reading Pre-reading Program: Letters A & B


It has been a while since we started on the All About Reading Pre-reading program. Xxm loves this program and a huge part of the reason is Ziggy the Zebra, a hand puppet which accompanies Xxm on his reading journey. I cannot even begin to imagine how a simple puppet with my voice-over can piqued my boy’s interest. I thank my lucky stars for having had  the “foresight” to purchase it together with the reading program.

Changes that I have observed in Xxm after starting the program:

• Initiates lessons with Ziggy.
• Early book awareness. Xxm enjoys reading  The Zigzag Zebra book. He holds the book in the proper orientation, turns the pages page by page from right to left and locates the correct page for me to begin reading. We have been revisiting this book many times.
• The first few lessons utilize picture card games to teach rhyming words. Presently, he plays the games by recalling the rhyming pairs. He is not adverse to the game and enjoys a friendly competition with Ziggy most of the time. Hopefully, in time to come, he will comprehend the purpose of the activity.

The simplicity of the activities made it easy for me to include Xmm in the picture too. I confessed that I have not been as diligent with Xmm in his learning journey as compared to Xxm. Hence, it was terrific that I was able to involve Xmm in this program as well. Xmm already knows the letters and their letter sounds. I am taking this opportunity to expose him further.

Here are what we have been doing:

Letter A


Additional activities:
• Using ice-cream sticks to form A. Xmm took to this activity more enthusiastically than Xxm. He delights in forming other letters like I, V, M, H etc.
• Mindchamps provided us with an alphabet book for parents to complete with their children. The letters of the alphabet are marked on the booklet and you simply just find pictures beginning with that letter and fill them in. I get my pictures from Learn The Fun Way blog.
Forming A with pattern blocks, template courtesy of Confessions of a Homeschooler blog.
Writing worksheets also from Confessions of a Homeschooler blog.

Letter B


The only thing we did differently was to use link cubes to form B instead.

Currently, we are easing into the program. It is a tad early for me to conclude whether I like the program or not. This mummy’s Youtube review about the program echos some of my thoughts. For now, the boys seem to love it! We will stick it through and see how things turn out. Stay tuned for our updates!


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