How My Children Acquired Names the like of Pugilistic Masters

There was some initiative to share how parents derive their children’s names and I thought what a great idea that was. So here goes our story.


Xxm aka Haotian, the firstborn in the family had his name chosen by his paternal grandfather. Father-in-law was then fighting a battle against liver cancer. As Meow accompanied his dad during his final days in the hospital, this vagabond son had the best and most memorable conversations with his father. One of the frequently discussed topics was choosing a name for my unborn child.

Meow’s eldest brother had a son who is named Haokun (昊坤). Since 坤 comes from 乾坤 (means heaven and earth), father-in-law initially proposed that Xxm be called Haoqian (昊乾). Meow and I rejected this name vehemently as it sounds like a money grubber in Chinese. So after much thought, it was changed to Haotian  (昊天). We loved this name as it retained the original meaning that father-in-law wanted. Moreover, we loved the simplicity of the chinese characters. Alas, father-in-law did not live to witness the birth of Haotian.  He passed on 5 months before I delivered.

To retain the same theme as Xxm, choosing a name for Xmm was a no brainer. We named him Haoyun (昊雲). Yun refers to the clouds in the sky. We chose this name because we felt it was suitable for either a boy or a girl. Xmm turned out to be a boy. Following a suggestion by my best female friend, we changed the chinese character of yun from the simplified chinese form (云) to the traditional chinese form (雲) to give the name more masculinity.

So when Xmx came along, friends who knew of the theme in my children’s names had many suggestions to offer. I have had Haofeng (风), Haoyu (雨), Haolei (雷), etc. Basically we were offered all the permutations from the weather elements.  It was quite funny as everyone tried to guess our third son’s name. I wanted Haoyu (昊宇). However, objections were raised by the older folks for its close resemblance to Xmm’s name. In addition, it is unbecoming for the youngest in the family to have that name for 宇 which means universe is of a greater entity than Xxm’s 天.

Meow wanted to name Xmx Haoyang (昊洋). However, a week before he delivered, I came across an article by a geomancer which advises the dos and don’ts of naming our little snake (according to the lunar calendar,  Xmx is born in the year of the snake). Apparently the snake fears the sun and water. Hence chinese characters with these elements have to be avoided at all costs. When I shared this article with MIL, she felt strongly that we should heed the advice of the geomancer. So, the task of choosing a suitable name for Xmx became her responsibility. Eventually we setted on Haoyang (昊杨) which refers to the sturdy poplar or aspen tree.

So what about their English names? My sister offered some suggestions.

Xxm (昊天): Skye
Xmm (昊雲): Claude (pronounced as cloud)
Xmx (昊杨): no name given yet but may I propose Ocean so that Meow gets his desired name.

Do you think my boys will hate us if we made these names official? :p



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