I wish they stayed this small.


The arrival of Xmx reminded us again how tiny the boys once were. Even though we had our children in succession (3 kiddos in 4 years), memories still fail us.

Every other day, Meow will stare awestruck at Xmx and wonder aloud, “were the other boys this small before?” I have to remind him time and time again that yes, there was a time when he could rest each child on his forearm with the football hold.

As for myself, I have discovered that I do not remember details all that well too.  I thought that I will be the mother hen that will share memories with her coop when they are all grown up. However, it’s only a mere 3.5 years and I find memories of my firstborn a blur.

Just the other day, Xmx was enthusiastically sucking his thumb. My mum blurted out, “Xxm used to do that too, but he will put all 5 fingers into his mouth.” My mind returned a blank picture.

Perhaps memories are meant to be shared. Little pieces of a puzzle that completes a picture. Anyway, it will be boring to hear one person’s account of the story only. Isn’t it more wonderful to have the entire family including the extended family to reminisce the old times, sharing laughter, joy and tears?

P/S: For the record, the picture shows Xmm, Xxm and Xmx (left to right) in their first month.



  1. How nice to be able to share the memories together 🙂 I find that I can’t remember what C was like when she was younger. Thank goodness I still have videos and photos.

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