Okay, I Confess

It has been years since and I am ready to step out of my closet. No longer am I going to hide behind close doors.


Am I going to attend stationery addict anonymous?  On the contrary, I relish in my newfound status. I have never thought that I have an addiction,  but I can never explain the indescribable urge to visit every bookshop and own every other pilot pen. It’s no wonder that my childhood dream is to open a bookstore and immerse myself in the world of books and fanciful stationery. I did work part time at a neighbourhood bookstore called Chung Hwa. Not impressed with the scale, I harboured thoughts of working in Kinokuniya which was THE  latest and most fascinating mega bookstore then. MPH was a close second for me. I loved their vintage deco, giving it an old school feel. To realise my dream, I spent two years taking Japanese Language on a part time basis. I had wanted to work in the Japanese section because I was very much into manga (Japanese comics) and that section has the most kawaii pens and notebooks. Eventually, I  obtained my JLPT3 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) which was the minimum requirement to work in Kinokuniya. However, I did not work there in the end as I was entering another phase of my life.

So, why this sudden confession? Actually it was pure thanks to all the blog surfing that I did. I was currently fueling a new interest in organisers which I hope to share in due course. From there, I discovered that this week is National Stationery Week. National Stationery Week which runs from 22nd to 28th April 2013, aims to get more people putting pen to paper and writing by hand more often, especially children and spelling stationery correctly with an ‘e’. Isn’t it such a lofty mission statement?

To share my interest in stationery, the best place to start is my pencil case. In the past, my pencil case was the most valuable item in my school bag. I have always said that I can lose anything, including my purse (which I did countless times) but not my pencil case. Thankfully I have never misplaced it.

There you go… my current favourites in my pencil case.


Now that I have come out into the open, I can officially feed my desire without feeling guilty.

Let us celebrate our love for stationery together! Happy Stationery Week!



  1. Babe, I’m no fan of stationery but u truly have a large collection!!!! Hahaha….. Now I understand why u have such colourful pens and stuff 🙂 I know what I can get u for Xmas already! Hahahaha… Happy stationery week 😉

    • That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The rest are in a complete disarray at home cos I have no time to organise them. Hopefully I can spend sometime in these few weeks to pack up a bit. ..for sanity’s sake.

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