My Long Lost Friend

Xmx’s confinement month allowed me to be reacquainted with a long lost friend of mine – the television.

Once my favourite pastime in my growing up years, I have forsaken this trusty companion when life commands more of my waking hours. It has been years since I sat in front of the large screen to indulge myself in some soapy dramas or taiwanese entertainment shows. Even with the availability of pptv, youtube or other video download apps on my smartphone, I have not found the time to catch up on the latest screenings.  

So last month, I was fortunate to catch the telecast of Wax and Wane (团圆) every evening at 7pm on channel 8. Wax and Wane is a HK drama serial with a plot that has all the elements for success – kinship, romance, suspense and power struggle. All the elements are well balanced in this 30 episode series. What I enjoyed most from this serial is the emphasis on family ties and the dedication of each family member to uphold the integrity and reputation of the family culture cum business. Even Meow who typically only watches Discovery channels, finds it difficult to turn his eyes away.


Anyway, tonight is the final episode of Wax and Wane. I have reminded Meow to be home punctually tonight. Nothing can draw me away from my friend this evening. Nothing….except my boys….if I can help it.


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