Review: Bubber Modelling Clay


Fed up with the mess Play Doh is creating in my household, I was on the lookout for an alternative. I discovered Bubber – an award winning modelling compound engineered and manufactured exclusively in Sweden.

I bought two tubs – cobblestone red and ocean blue for my children. It was an instant hit with them.


Why We Prefer Bubber Over Play Doh

● Extremely lightweight (only 144g for 1 litre worth of bubber). It feels soft and squishy like marshmallows.
● More than enough bubber for 2 children to play with in one bucket.
● Leaves no sticky residue on your hands or nails.
● Never dries out – value for money long term investment.
● Colours can be mixed and do not end up looking like a pile of dung.
● Suitable for kids with allergies as it is wheat, gluten and casein free. 100% safe and non toxic.
● Won’t stick or stain. Easily swept up or vacuumed, even if it gets on carpet. This is what sold me.
● Bubber can be used to make plaster casts of your little ones’ hands and feet using plaster of paris. I cannot wait to try this out since I just had a new addition to my family. Check out this demonstration by Timbledoodle, a US homeschool curriculum company.


● As it is so lightweight, it gets blown away easily. It was difficult for my kids to confine it to purely the table.
● Initially my children got it all over the floor when I wasn’t around to supervise. After we vacuum the bubber, the floor (made of homogenous tiles) felt like it was polished with wax and we could slide with ease on it. It was fun for my children but posed a health hazard for my elderly MIL.
● Expensive. Costs $25.90 for a bucket.

Bubber is sold in 5oz buckets of red, blue, green, yellow, purple and white. It retails $25.90 from online Pupsik Studio. They offer free local delivery for every purchase.

Come join in for some bubber fun too!


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