Finding Mr Right

It has been a long long while since Meow and I went on a date together. So when we saw the trailer for Finding Mr Right, we were both interested in catching the movie. However, like always, Meow had an impromptu trip and tons of work piled up thereafter. We couldn’t make it to the movies. Honestly I was pretty upset over it because this wasn’t the first time this happened. It doesn’t help that Meow is not the romantic sort so most of the time, I am the one urging him to take time off to spend time with me or the family. As it is now, he spends whatever free time he has at home but I wish he knows how to schedule breathers into his work schedule for himself and for us. Anyway, incidentally Meow’s colleague had a copy of this movie and we did catch it eventually in the comfort of our home.


Check out these trailers.


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