Xmx @ 2 months


Xmx is turning 2 months old tomorrow. I am so delighted to see how much weight he has gained on a diet mainly made up of my breast milk. This second month I have resorted to supplementing with formula every so often because my supply fluctuates from time to time. My breast milk supply is severely affected by my mental state. As I tried to prepare for my exams this week, this additional stress is severely cutting back my milk supply. The supply demand equation just doesn’t work here. But well he has drank much more breast milk in his first two months of life than his brothers combined.

Since last week, Xmx has become more expressive, humoring us with simple sounds of uhh and ahh. It seems like he can strike a conversation with anyone who chats him up. Occasionally he throws a charming smile or two which mummy has never been fortunate enough to capture indefinitely.

Yearning for the comforts of Mummy’s womb, Xmx demands to be carried at all times (no kidding!) and somehow he can always differentiate between the “lifeless warm” bed and our sweaty warm arms. Only kakak and mummy have the ability to pacify him. Kakak with her sarong sling and me with my boobs. The rest who tried to carry him leave him frustrated and screaming all the time. Xmx has a strong preference in the manner he likes to be carried. In the first month, he was perfectly fine with the cradle hold but this month onwards he prefers to be carried in an upright position.

Amongst my three boys, Xmx is the record holder for having the most frequent diaper changes. At his peak, I am changing him every 15 min. The rate of his urine production is alarming. The entire house is filled with his white nappy cloths, all struggling to get dry. He also seems to have a lot of gas in his tummy because we always hear him trumpeting away loud and clear.

Footnote to Xmx:

Darling, you are growing up much too fast. I know the next few months will fly by and before I know it, you will be chasing your brothers down the roads. How I wish I can slow down the entire process. Honestly I don’t mind the sleepless nights just as long as I can hold each of you in my arms longer. I don’t mind being on duty 24/7 so long as you boys need me to hold onto your tiny hands. I do not feel that old but seeing each and every one of you reaching various milestones each day reminds me that the youth and vitality that I once possessed is slowly slipping me by. It makes me wish that as you grow older, somehow I grow younger so that I have sufficient time to watch over all of you. Indeed, time and tide waits for no man.


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