Post Delivery Beauty Black Book

We are all too familiar with what to eat and do during our confinement. But what about the stuff that makes us mummies still look as good as before? Here I share my list of beauty and skincare products that made the mark after three pregnancies.


1. La Cure Dead Sea Mineral Salt Soap


Post delivery, my hormones are sent into disarray and little bumps start appearing on my face. This soap worked wonders in calming the breakout yet not stripping my skin of moisture. There are days when I am too busy to moisturise after washing yet my skin does not feel dry or taut.

Read my detailed review here.

2. Ecobeau BB Cream


Do you have countless visits to the hospitals and polyclinics and don’t want to leave home looking pale and sallow? Ecobeau BB Cream is an all in one solution for you!

A recent discovery. Ecobeau skincare hails from Korea and boosts of natural herb medicine extracts that is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. This BB cream blends perfectly with my MAC NC25 skin tone, without the ash grey appearance that some other BB cream gives. Moreover, it is very moisturising and gives a healthy after glow to your skin. Ecobeau BB cream is a certified sunblock (SPF30) with anti aging and whitening properties, making it a multifunctional product.


1. Rene Furterer Tonucia Toning And Densifying Shampoo (For Aging, Weakened Hair)


My post-natal hair loss peaks in my third month after delivery. This shampoo helped reverse this process very quickly. It helps to invigorate scalp & reinforce hair, restoring resistance & body to hair.
It has active biospheres loaded with stimulating essential oils of orange & lavender, making it the BEST smelling shampoo I have tried. My hubby always remarks how sweet smelling I am and the entire room when I use this.

Body Care

1. Dr Lily’s Aloe Vera Gel


I have a tendency to develop rashes after delivery. This gel is great in arresting the itch preventing the vicious cycle of itch, scratch, break (skin). Even if you do not have any rashes like myself, this gel is also good as a nipple cream, nappy rash cream and an all over moisturizer.

2. Lemongrass Shower Gel


Recommended to use during and after confinement to rid the body of excess wind. This smells heavenly (to lovers of spa scents) and leaves a refreshing and cooling mentholated after feel. It is really perfect when you have been sweating it out during your confinement.

What are your favorite post pregnancy products?



  1. These products are unfamiliar to me but they sound interesting đŸ™‚ Maybe I should try some of these if I could find them from the local store. Thank you for sharing! This would definitely help a lot of moms like us!

    • Hi Yee Mei, thanks for stopping by. I bought many of these products online. Just drop me a message if you are keen and I can email u the sellers.

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