It’s really the holiday season!

June holidays…a term unbeknownst to me for the longest time. However this June, I got to let loose and enjoy myself to the max. I stopped sending Xxm to childcare and filled our days with fun, Fun, and more FUN!


First stop. A visit to the farm. As part of our learning activity on “The Carrot Seed” book, I brought the boys to visit Fireflies Farm – a vegetable farm specialising in organic produce and Hay Diaries – a farm that produces goat’s milk.

@ Fireflies Farm

We went with the intention to introduce the concept of farming to the boys – how we obtain our food etc. I wanted to be able to point out to them the different types of vegetables, and especially to see a carrot plant to correlate with the book we had been reading. Alas this mummy is fairly ignorant myself, since I can count with my fingers the number of times I have visited any farm. I wasn’t able to name most of the vegetables or plants that we passed by. Later, I also learned that Singapore’s weather is too hot and humid for the growth of carrots. Poor Xxm have to go home disappointed.

@ Hay Diaries

Due to AVA regulations, we could only view the goats from a distance. I discovered that goats only have 2 teats each. No wonder goat’s milk is more expensive. Haha. You can purchase fresh goat’s milk from them at $7 for a 800ml bottle. They will nicely packed them in a cooler box for you which can last for hours. Ever since Xxm tasted goat’s milk, he has became a convert so I have opted for their free delivery service. All it takes is a minimum order of 2 800ml bottles at $8 each. Hay Diaries has one of the best tasting goat’s milk I have tried. There is none of the goaty odour to it when taken chilled. If left at room temperature, the goaty smell becomes a bit more apparent.


This holidays I find myself bringing the boys to McDonald more often. They are especially well behaved on such days. I can usually leave them waiting in the seats while I go get our order. Somehow they are more willing to feed themselves at Mcdonald. It frees me up to enjoy my meal too. For this reason, I enjoy bringing them there.


I made ice crayons for the boys to doodle. They were fascinated with the idea and certainly enjoyed the mess they were creating. They wanted a repeat episode but I am dreading the cleanup thereafter.


This is the first time I have brought the boys to join a live show at the mall. I hyped up the boys and we, yes including me, were all excited to watch Barney and Friends at City Square Mall. The entire show was about 30min long but the mascots were out merely half the time. It wasn’t all that exciting as I had thought. Towards the end, Xxm asked me,” Mummy, when is the blue dinosaur coming out?” Clearly, they are not Barney and Friends’ fans.



Just before the horrible haze hit the hazardous mark, I decided to bring the boys for some water play after a highly successful swimming pool induction day at Sengkang swimming complex. The boys had been asking for more of the water playground. Not wanting to disappoint them and to not get wet myself (I am saddened by my post pregnancy figure), I recalled the water playground at Tampines One. Compared to the pool, this place wins hands down. The children had so much fun sliding and frolicking in the jungle themed water playground. The best part of this playground? Toilet facilities to clean and shower the children. We are definitely revisiting this place again.


Then when the PSI hit the 400 mark and three kids and three adults were getting hot and flustered in their own home, I decided to zip everyone off to Changi Airport for some cooling therapy. Seems that many folks had the same idea too because the airport was packed on a weekday afternoon. I signed the boys up for 2 hrs of fun at SingKids Playsystem indoor playground. The boys had been here before and never got sick of running from station to station. They particularly love the balls and balloons enclosure. Perhaps some of the hazy air clouded my common sense. I bit the bullet and signed up for a membership since it gives more savings in the long run.


Meow had duty travel in Kuala Lumpur. He urged me to bring the boys over for a short getaway and to avoid the haze. I was pretty hesitant and didn’t feel all that comfortable managing the boys alone en route to K.L. Since Meow had gone ahead and booked us air tickets, I gritted my teeth and survived my first air travel with 2 young, energetic boys. Honestly it wasn’t all that bad. In fact, it went much better than expected. Of course, some careful planning is necessary. I had already pre-packed our luggage which Meow had brought over first. All I had were the boys and a small hand carry with an ipad, some clothes and the boys’ water bottle.

We stayed in the executive suite in Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. It was definitely worth the money. The room was so spacious. Check out the large walk in bathroom! It certainly didn’t feel so cluttered with all four of us in the room. What’s more, they have a Nespresso machine in the room! Don’t you wish you were here?


This hotel has also one of the most yummy food I have tasted. The breakfast spread is amazing. International flair with good tasting food at every corner. We tried their room service too (see picture above). Worth every penny! I highly recommend their seafood noodle. Two large succulent prawns, many slices of abalone and the Q-est fishballs in so sweet tasting seafood broth. Ahhh….I was in heaven when I tasted that.

This hotel adjoins the Sunway Lagoon and a mega mall. The kids are still too young to fully enjoy the attractions so in the end, we decided to skip the lagoon as the tickets for a family of four like us would cost us 400 ringgit. The mega mall is huge and even has a ice skating rink within. There are many restaurants to take your pick. I discovered my favourite donut haunt Krispy Kreme there. I gorged 3 donuts in one setting. Severly sugar overdosed!


So what did we do instead? We played and played at the hotel’s children’s pool. There was another main pool at ground level and this children’s pool was at level 5. Somehow no one visits this pool and we had it all to ourselves. A private pool, just for us. What bliss!


I also managed to sneak in some couple time with Meow this holiday season. I brought him for his first high tea session at House at Dempsey. The spread is amazing and the rich decor adds to the overall ambience. Price range is also very reasonable, in the $20s per pax. Even on a weekday, this place is almost packed!

So this concludes our thirty days of fun! It had been one of my best spent maternity leave. Hope you had as much fun this June holidays!



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