Arts & Craft: Killer Whale

The boys have been immensely interested in killer whales lately and Xxm has been pestering me to make a killer whale for him. After much thought, I decided to create spyhopping killer whales (see picture below) with them. Killer whales also known as orcas spyhop to look around.They hold their bodies vertically and stick their heads up to visually inspect whatever interest them at the surface, sometimes for a few minutes.


Materials needed:
• paper plate
• empty egg carton shells
• black construction paper
• googly eyes

• Paint the entire paper plate blue to resemble the ocean
• Draw a line to divide the egg carton shell into halves. Paint one side white and the other side black.


• Cut out 2 black fins each for each killer whale and glue them altogether to create spyhopping killer whales.
• Affix two googly eyes on each killer whale to complete the look (it made them look a bit like tuna though).


Hope you have fun creating your own killer whales too!


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