My Ideal Day Part I

Lately, I am mesmerised by Arienne’s “Life Is Crafted” planner refill pages. Life is Crafted aspires to help one dream, plan and design the magic that makes up one’s life. It allowed me to ponder and reflect upon my actions and intentions to better work towards my goals. It forces me to have better accountability to my life (I think I do very well in this area already), and even more so to myself. It is as its’ name suggests, a means to craft your life.

In one of the pages, I was tasked to describe what an ideal day entails for me. I have vague impressions of what I would enjoy on my ideal day. Putting it down in words forces me to be more specific and detailed. As I sat down to write last evening, I made it to only half a morning. I shall share what I have written so far. Nothing fanciful but it did…allow me to dream, just like the days when I was reading Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree.


I woke up amongst a luxurious pile of beddings. It must be chilly. I see Meow curled up beside me, the covers went all the way up until his neck. I got out of bed and stepped outside. I felt the cold air against my warm cheeks. I could see the sun rising in the distance, between two peaks. I breathed the fresh air in. Ahh….it felt so good for my lungs. Clean and crisp. The smell of the morning dew, excitement and vitality.  My sinusitis is cured since moving here. I never felt such enjoyment in pure, simple breathing. Unhurried and uncomplicated. I went back into the house and made myself my favourite masala tea. I could never forget the first time my lips touched it. I went out into the open again, with my tea and a book. I found my favourite corner in the garden and settled in to savour my tea and my book. It IS MY MOMENT.

Shortly after, I missed the guy. He shouldn’t be missing such a glorious morning. The sun is hanging above the clouds now and lo and behold, it is nearly 7am. The morning sun is causing me to remove my outer coat. I gently stirred him up, begging him to come for breakfast with me. I ended up in bed again together with him, exchanging kisses and sweet nothings. Time flies when we are together and before I know it, it is 8am. “Com’on”, I say. “Let’s wake up! I do not want to spend my day in bed.”

That is all I have written so far. I hope to find time to churn out the rest of my ideal day. Hope you had fun fantasising about your ideal day.


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