Our First Life Lesson

The boys and I were out window shopping one day. In their usual free spirited self, they were running ahead of me, all the time laughing and entertaining themselves. It was a rare opportunity for me as well to catch up on the latest trends and happenings in the city. I walked through the mall like a prowling tiger. Eyes darting left and right, quickly sieving out the things that interest me and actively scanning the labels to get a quick idea of the product. The corners of my eyes were also used to map out the location of my two misfits. I dare say there weren’t any blind spots in my field of vision. My ears have probably grown bigger too since becoming a mum. I could always make out the direction of my boys’ ultrasonic cries from a distance. It was coming from Xxm who had lost me in his field of vision. I am quickly reminded of how he is so alike his father, a bat so blind that they cannot see this beautiful vision before them.  Ahem…..

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I had never taught the boys how to handle such a situation. Honestly I really do not know the S.O.P for it myself. They are too young to remember my number and knowing them, they will be momentarily incapacitated. I needed an action plan to deliver their lives’ very first important lesson. There it comes again, the cries of my eldest seeking for me again. This time, I grabbed hold of him and said to him, “if you cannot find mummy again, hold didi’s (Xmm) hands and do not run about. I will come and look for you.”

I wasn’t sure if my instructions were understood. I needed to know if the boys could really handle the situation if it arises. I wasn’t leaving it to chances. So to verify, I decided to give the boys a test. I distracted them and proceeded to hide myself behind a pillar. I spied their two little bodies from afar, my heart pounding like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings. What if they decided to run in two opposite directions to look for me? What will I do then? Many thoughts and possibilities raced through my head. And then the moment came……

The little one was first to notice that I was gone. Xxm was alerted and both were asking each other, “where’s mummy?” There was a passerby next to them who simply looked on bewildered. My heart panicked as I watched the grown man helpless in that situation. What’s more my two young kids? Xmm then decided to try seeking for me. Instantaneously Xxm shot his hand out and grabbed hold of his younger brother. For the record, he hates holding hands with his brother. He held it firm and both boys just started yelling for me. It was too much for me to bear and I quickly reappeared from behind the pillar. I reassured them and praised their behaviour, especially that of Xxm. I reminded them again of my instructions and soon it was all merry again.

The incident took no more than 2 minutes. As I reflected upon this, I decided that I needed to train them more. I needed to know how they would react with the passage of time. Would they still stay together? Would Xxm break down to a point that he wouldn’t be able to cope with the situation? Would Xmm be able to watch out for his older brother since he is the one with a stronger character?  I contemplated to repeat my experiment again, to test their reactions so that I can teach them the most appropriate response. Sounds easy, but it requires a great deal of strengthening on my part first.

As of now, I have not repeated this incident again. However, I am beginning to see more of such scenes.




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