One Wet Day

The month of November is especially wet. Torrential rain beat down on my windscreen as I made my way home. It was one of those days where a minute out in the rain will drench you from top to toe. As I drove into the tunnel leading to the expressway, I passed by a group of motorcyclists seeking refuge from the rain. I reminded myself that this was precisely the reason why I never took up riding.

Somehow today I took a second glance at the motorcyclists. Perhaps it was because I was driving very slowly. Or perhaps it was due to the lack of scenery in the tunnel. Just today, for some reason I allowed my eyes to linger a little while longer on these lonesome motorists.

Something caught my attention. These motorists didn’t seem perturbed by their situation. Many were just sitting there, staring out into the sky. There was no telling when the rain would stop. For this brief moment, life has come to a standstill for them.

It suddenly dawned on me the true reason why I didn’t like riding. Yes, there was the issue of the weather elements. However, the real reason is that I cannot cope with unexpected changes in my plans.

It has been ages since life has come to a halt for me. The last time was probably in 2006 when I visited Xinjiang, China. Time had flown by the last 6 years as I worked to build up my family and complete my studies. Indeed this was a trying period as my vulnerability is exposed time and again.

Perhaps it’s time I pick up riding. Time spent mulling under the bridge might teach me a thing or two about taking life easy.  My life is definitely full right now, but the lid on it should be removed for the exuberance of life to be experienced again.


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