Creating a Mini-garden

A terrarium is a self-contained mini ecosystem that requires minimal care. It is fun to make and makes wonderful gifts.

A terrarium is an excellent learning tool for children. According to Terrarium Man, there are three lessons that children can gleaned from creating a terrarium, namely;

▪ Stewardship of the earth
▪ Life cycle of the plants
▪ Interconnectivity of ecosystems

Let Xxm show you how to create your own terrarium.

1. Using any container which you can easily recycle from your home, lay a layer of gravel or stones at the bottom of the terrarium. This serves to provide drainage for the water in the terrarium.
2. Next, layer charcoal onto the gravel. Charcoal gets rid of any odour or smell and keeps the air fresh. Hence this is needed only if you are making a closed terrarium.
3. Dried moss is laid on the charcoal. This prevents the soil from settling down into the gravel.
If you are working with young kids like Xxm or Xmm, you may like to prepack the materials in small bags like shown.


4. The next layer is normal potting soil mix. Create a wide hole in the middle for your plants.
5. Put your plants into the hole and cover the soil and arrange the plants. Ensure all roots are covered.
6. For the finishing touch, add decorative pebbles on top of the soil.
Xxm is arranging the pebbles with a chopstick.
7. Add about a tablespoon of water to the base of the plants. Cover the lid and there you have it! Your personal terrarium.


You can decorate the bottle and add cute embellishments together with the plants like this one I made for my husband at the Little Green Pot Terrarium Workshop. I highly recommend this workshop. All materials are provided and the instructor delivers with knowledge and love for his plants. It is also very competitively priced.


This activity is best enjoyed together with your loved ones. Hope you like it!


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