Review: Child Safety Seat Belt Positioning Pad

I don’t know about your kids but mine absolutely hates a car seat. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that they have never gotten used to one before since we only purchased a car slightly over a year ago. It’s also because we never did manage to secure the car seat to the car. It just slides around no matter whether we strapped this way or that. And because we didn’t know how the kids will take to the car seat, we bought one to try and another booster seat. But the boys just end up fighting over who gets what, depending on how best I sugar coated each apparatus to entice them.

Eventually I gave up.

So for a period of time, we went without any seats. Will I get the traffic police knocking on my doors soon? The boys were simply buckled in like an adult and if the strap was in the way, it was simply arranged to the back. Not a very safe option I know. Hence I am always driving with this trepidation in my heart.

So imagine my excitement when I discovered the child safety belt positioning pad!  Check out the merchant’s pictures below.


This seat belt adjuster provides proper placement of the safety belt and makes for a more comfortable and safer ride. The product hails from south korea and its made of air mesh fabric so it doesn’t pile on the heat. This is a plus for my kids who are very finicky about staying cool. It’s also been crash tested and proven to work for adults.

To use,


I purchased the aforementioned product for about SGD $11. Then, I discovered another version of this car seat positioning pad which was just selling for about SGD $7 during a time sale on Qoo10 website. Unlike the former, this one has 4 buttons instead of one (see merchant’s picture below.)


So instead of sliding the seat belt through the positioning pad, I simply unbutton this new pad and lay it flat against my child’s abdomen. Then, I will buckle the seat belt for my boy in the usual way. After careful placement of the seat belt within the pad, I will button the solitary button and eventually the other three buttons in a row (see picture below).


Compared to the former, it is way easier for me. The former usually require me to pull more of the seat belt first so that I can get a decent length into the positioning pad. Thereafter I needed to do some fine tuning to get it into the correct position on my son’s body. It does take some awkward bending over and in the first couple of tries, I felt so tired from the stretching and bending. It did get better with more practice.

Version II is also made of the same air mesh material on the outside with 100% polyester on the inside. It is available in 4 colours instead of 2 for the former.


So, what about my kids’ review?

Xmm is three years old and about 96 cm in height. This is him with version II.


This is how version I looks like on him. The shoulder strap cuts too close to his neck hence it ended up like this.


Xxm is about 110 cm tall. He is also very fond of his positioning pad, so much so he will remind me to put it on for him.


I guess the other plus point is its portability.  If you happen to travel with your kids on a friend’s or relative’s car, you can easily bring this along instead of a car seat.

Due to my short stature, this positioning pad works great for me as well. The merchant has recommended that it is suitable for children, adults and pregnant women.

At least for now, we are travelling safer than before. Well behaved and cooperative kids makes for a safer and more pleasant ride.

Try one and let me know what you think.



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