I like how modern technology simplified matters these days. With the availability of smart phones and touchpads such as iPad, penning down one’s thoughts is made so much easier. Henceforth, this brought about this little blog of mine.

I never did like writing, feeling it is more of a chore than a release of emotions. Moreover, my command of both the English and Chinese language isn’t fantastic enough to enable me to be expressive with my words. So, along the way, memories both good and bad are lost with the passage of time. But it never did bother me much.

In recent years, there have been many changes to my life. I have taken on many new roles and responsibilities. And my current life is not what I have envisioned years ago. I have become a wife, a mother of three lively boys age 3.5 years, 2.5 years, 3 month old and a mother to a lovely chinese girl of 14 years old. I am contributing full time to my chosen profession and to top it all, I have embarked on a 7 years part time degree course since 2008. All these changes happened in a short time span within the last 4.5 years.

This blog hopes to document how I spent my life juggling my new roles. Sometimes, I get lost and I hope to rediscover myself via this blog in future. I also hope that words left unsaid will find their way here and the intended party will have a chance to read it in future. I hope my children will forgive me for being a poor mother if they felt that I have discounted them in their life. And to all my family and friends whom I don’t communicate enough, I hope that you can still locate remnants of me here. That being said, それじゃ行きましょ!


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